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Yorkie Puppies For SaleGetting a dog is a life changing event. This last weekend my roommate and some friends went hunting for dogs around town and he ended up coming home with an adorable little puppy. It really has been great so far, the little guy has been friendly, hasn’t run off, and has been pretty good at never barking. Of course, you can never assure that those things will happen when buying a puppy, but what you can be sure is, that they will be adorable.

One of the most popular dogs out there are Yorkies. This is why when you start looking to find Yorkie puppies for sale, you may be a little out of luck. Yorkies have been famous for years now, and one of the most famous ones was one of the first:


Toto wasn’t clearly defined to be a Yorkshire Terrier, and consequently has sometimes been interpreted to be a Boston Terrier. While Toto is one of the big names in this discussion, I’m going to bring up some others just in case you happen to find some Yorkie puppies for sale and pick one up, you’ll have a good name for it.

Mr. Famous

Mr. Famous was the Yorkie who appeared next to one of the most famous actresses of all time: Audrey Hepburn. He was in the movie “Funny Face,” and Mr. Famous was prone to riding in Audrey’s bike basket which many people still love to do today.


Terem plays the role of “Moses” in the well known film, “Meet the Fockers.” At one point Terem does get flushed down the toilet, but he seems to have recovered well enough.


Frankie, while not an actor, has taken a much preferred role instead: the pet of a supermodel. Frankie’s owner is Miranda Kerr of Victoria Secret fame, and in addition to living with a supermodel, lives in the lap of luxury as well.


Beau, while not in as good a situation as Frankie, is nonetheless doing pretty well. He is currently the preferred pet of Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn.


While I am not sure the name of the dog, Barbie has a pet Yorkie as well. Where did she get him and how old is he? I don’t know, but I sure wish I did.

Yorkies have some great attributes besides being small and adorable, so I thought I’d discuss them in a little more detail. First, in case you are wondering, the name “Yorkie” came from “Yorkshire.” The reason they got that specific name was because they actually originated in the English city of Yorkshire. If you reference the American Kennel Club, you’ll find some pretty well defined rules on Yorkies. One of which is that they should be below 7 pounds. Due to their size and temperament, Yorkies are great travel dogs, and need little exercise.

They do however, need to have regular human interaction and someone to brush their hair. Yorkies probably add half of their weight via their hair, and if you don’t take care of it, it can become a little bit of a mess. So, if you’re like me and find yourself sold on Yorkies as a brand, you may want to start looking to find some Yorkie puppies for sale. Of course, if you can’t find Yorkie puppies for sale, you can always just go for some regular Yorkies. Because of their small size, I can’t always tell if one is a puppy, or if it isn’t just really small. Either way, I think Yorkies are adorable, and they are a great way to break the ice as well.

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