Xbox 360 Review: Halo Reach

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xbox360arcadeHalo: Reach marks developer Bungie’s final entry into probably the most successful franchises in online game history. A prequel to the original Xbox’s Halo: Combat Evolved, Reach takes place just a few weeks earlier than the occasions of the primary game. One of the simplest ways to describe Halo: Reach is an all-star game.

Developer Bungie has once once more crafted a blockbuster title, this time by incorporating every detail that labored in all the previous Halo video games and adding a number of new methods right here and there. The end result’s a never-redundant, action-packed romp that manages to stay fresh and engaging throughout.

Working with a new graphics engine has rendered a few of the greatest-looking visuals we’ve seen in a Halo game. Reach finally provides Halo that much-wanted graphical bump–something critics of last 12 month’s ODST felt hadn’t been properly upgraded. The visible improvement also gives the game a grittier look, perhaps due to the additional textures and particles onscreen. We predict it delivers a sense of maturity and class to the title, and what higher time to do so than within the collection’ ultimate chapter?

Although we’ve by no means regarded the storyline in a Halo game to be groundbreaking, the narrative in Reach certainly stands out because the franchise’s best. In fact figuring out the last word ending makes any story that much simpler to understand, but Attain does a better job at establishing characters and plot lines than any Halo sport to date.

Followers of the Halo series know what they’re getting themselves into here: an epic marketing campaign, tons of customization and cooperative play, and arguably the most challenging campaign in the franchise. We’d be doing the game an injustice by not mentioning the multiplayer experience. It’s powerful to even scrape the floor of such an impressively fleshed-out mode, but Dan will contact on the vitals.

For more on Halo: Attain, be sure to try pregame episode 19 the place Bungie Neighborhood Director Brian Jarrard stops by the studio to show us some sport play modes including Firefight and dog fighting dwell! Halo Reach can now be downloaded using microsoft points on xbox live. The game’s map packs can also be downloaded on the dashboard starting at 1200 microsoft points.

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