Winter In Austria And Summer In Koh Chang, Thailand

Great Holiday Destinations

holidayAustria is a fast rising tourist’s destination in Europe notably for its skiing regions where sixty percent of its land area is mountainous which are superb venues for skiing during winter months. But aside from this tourist drawing popular sports, the country is equally a haven during the summer months for its natural attractions where camping holidays Austria is becoming more popular. Its high peak mountains and valleys which are good for biking, mountaineering and other activities including camping are attractions to enjoy nature at its best. It is a spectacular landscape known for its pine forest and beautiful lakes. Imagine the more than 700 mountains with peak as high as exceeding 10,000 feet notably Wildspitze which is 3,774 meters above sea level. But the main attraction of all these landscapes is Tirol which acts as a backdrop in the region. It is the site of many activities from biking, skiing, hiking and mountain climbing. To pitch your camping tent in this place during summer would be a great experience.

While on the other side of the globe an island in Thailand is slowly becoming another tourist’s attraction in the Far East region popularly known as Koh Chang beach resort. Koh Chang Island is well known for its beautiful crystal clear water and white sand beaches which dotted the island’s surroundings especially on the eastern side of the island. The island has been declared a marine national park by Thailand to preserve its beautiful natural resources since 1985 and remain to be Thailand’s jewel in respect to marine life and forest preservation. The island is covered with lust rainforest which is home to various wild animals and faunas. A stay on the island for a week would be a great experience especially for a family on camping holidays at a cost affordable to every local and foreign tourist.

Koh Chang Island is also well known for its beautiful diving sites, where others spent the day snorkeling in its crystal clear waters. Those who love deep sea diving prefer the site where the naval forces of France and Thailand engaged in battle during the World War 2 and view the sunk vessels underneath the sea for an experience.

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