Win an Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect FREE

How Would You Like to Win a Free Xbox 360 Elite with Kinect Sensor?

There are a few competitions around on the Internet that offer a free Xbox 360 or a free Xbox Kinect. What you may not realize is that not all of them are legit. In fact many of these websites are just online scams saying that you can win an Xbox 360 just so that you’ll enter your email address.

Once you’ve entered your email you will be sent spam forever and ever! Some of these websites are easy to spot but others aren’t. However, they all prey on unsuspecting web surfers looking for a free Xbox 360!

So How To Win a Xbox 360 Elite For Free?

There are some places where you can genuinly win an Xbox 360. The offer below from GameStop not only gives you a chance to win a free Xbox 360 Elite, but also a Kinect Sensor too! This is one of the few legit offers out there. You can easily tell because it’s from a major company, GameStop.

All you have to do is enter a few details and you’ve got as good a chance as anyone else to win a free Xbox and a free Kinect sensor. Unfortunately this offer is only open to people in the USA! If you’re not in the US and you click the offer below you will have a chance to win something else, but not a free Xbox.

So, if you’re in the US and you want to win an Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect, just click the add below enter your details and keep your fingers crossed! It could easily be YOU!!

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