Why You Should Buy Junk Silver Coins

Junk Silver Coins Can Be Very Valuable

silver coinsBack in the mid nineteen sixties a gallon of super premium Sunoco 260 (remember them) the highest octane gasoline you could buy.With an octane rating well over 100 as I recall, it sold for 26.9c per gallon.  For the price of one silver quarter and just a few copper pennies you could purchase one gallon of that super premium fuel. Fast forward about fifty years to the 21st century, and today’s price of gasoline averages over $2.80 a gallon for premium. Some places actually charge over $3.00 for it.

The current  spot price of silver today is well over $29.00 an ounce, and copper around $4.50 a pound. That  junk silver quarter has a cash value of $5.00 each and the copper pennies are worth 2.8c each. So for that one silver quarter and a few copper pennies. You can still buy a gallon of the best premium gasoline for sale today, and get some change too! I dare anyone to try that trick with our current copper/nickel clad quarters, and our zinc/copper plated cents. Silver has held its value in the face of fifty years of inflation. Outpacing other more traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Most investment brokers and even store owners now-a-days have no idea of the real value of silver. Because they grew up never having used silver as money, or as a means of exchange. But my prediction is that is about to change, sooner rather than later. More and more you read, of some of the smaller stores accepting silver as payment for your shopping order. The US dollars buying power, has slowly been eaten away in the past 100 years, (Thanks to inflation of the money supply by the Federal Reserve) -90-95% is the figure I see used most often today . Just think about how much more everything costs since you were a child. Purchasing precious metals has proven to be a very lucrative investment over the last half century.

These junk silver coins are typically sold in $1000.- face value bags, which contain roughly 715 ounces of silver. They’re available from bullion dealers online, at a small markup to the daily spot price of silver. Generally these are considered the cheapest way (premium wise) to invest in silver bullion. Smaller quantities like $500 and even $100 face value bags are also available for the investor without such deep pockets. How you purchase them is unimportant, just be sure you get some before the spot price goes through the roof. Junk Silver Coins…(Hardly) I’ll take as many as I can get my hands on!

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