Why People Love Goa in the Monsoons

Goa is Fantastic Even During The Monsoon Season

stunning goa beachThe beach capital of India, Goa, has a peak seasonal period from October till February during which it is inundated with tourists flocking to this place from all over the world . However in recent times with some intelligent marketing of its holiday destination the Goa tourism department has managed to woo tourists to Goa during the monsoons which is now widely regarded as a better time to spend your holiday in Goa for a variety of reasons.

The allure of Goa as a monsoon destination has therefore made it an all season holiday destination of India. So if it is the winter , summer or monsoon, Goa looks amazing appealing  in every season and draws tourists to its sun tanned beaches while wowing its heritage factor. As such this tropical paradise of western India readies itself to please tourists throughout the year and welcome its esteemed guests

One of the many good reasons for holidaymakers to visit Goa in the monsoons is that the hotel industry in Goa is abuzz with a choice of Goa hotels packages for the monsoon which give the holidaymaker more value for money spent on the Goa holiday. such a saving could be spent on shopping or indulging in some touring of the Goan countryside which is a delightful trip to undertake while on holiday to Goa. So you need to basically choose your right hotel at Goa to make your holiday special.

The hotels in Goa provide various options such as a discounted tariff on rooms, free spa or a free massage or free lunch at one of their many restaurants, free beverages for a certain period of time in the day etc etc.Some hotels also tie up with flight services to give various options on travel to combine with the Goan holiday in a bid to ensure that the holiday becomes  more affordable to the choosy customer.

What makes Goa Monsoon so attractive?

While Goa may be at its great pitch during the season and especially during the Christmas season and New years time, if you are an avid nature buff and love the green carpets and hilly slopes with gurgling waters and torrential rains then the best time to explore Goa is during the monsoons and let yourself indulge in some fun in the rains

During this season Goa experiences heavy to medium rains which are not witnessed anywhere else in India on a regular basis. Goa’s terrain gets covered with a carpet of lush green and plenty of flowers and species of butterflies make hay during the monsoon in Goa.

During this season holidaymakers to Goa engage in various activities such as participating in wildlife safaris to some of Goa’s national park and wildlife sanctuaries such as the Bondla Park, Mollem national park and the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary. A visit to the tambddi surla temple is often considered as a visit to the bastion of nature in Goa. The dudhsagar waterfall at the border of Goa is also a big draw among tourists visiting Goa in the Monsoon as it is at its glorious best during this period.

Besides  exploring these thickly forested areas of Goa , vacationers to Goa can also visit the Savoi Spice Plantation at Savoi Verem. Also cruising on Goa’s various rivers is often a favourite getaway for many tourists to Goa

Goa Monsoon Festivals in Goa

Monsoon season in Goa is celebrated with absolute delirium in Goa.. There are festivals which are specifically related to Goa’s monsoon season among both the Christian and Hindu communities of Goa. The festival of Sao Joao ( the feast of St John the baptist) celebrated among Goa’s Christians has a huge following and takes place every year on the heavily rainy day of June 24 when youths from all over Goa chant the chorus of “Viva Sao Joao” while diving and jumping into lakes, wells and ponds in the state. There is plenty of revelry and fun at this festival which is a delight to watch.

In the village of Marcel in north Goa an unique festival called ” Chikal kalo” takes place amongst hordes of young men in the month of July. Hundreds of men come together with the motive of frolicking  in the mud in the rain and a sense of unbridled indulgence can be seen in the celebrations which draws many tourists just for the spectacle of watching.

Another important festival is the festival of harvest celebrated in the month of August.This festival is celebrated at picturesque Divar island in north Goa and is called “Bonderam” flag festival which also hosts floats and has plenty of camaraderie and fun associated with it.

Goa in the monsoons is therefore a steal to watch and is a great value for money.

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