Why Flossing May Not Be Enough To Prevent Dental Disease

Help Prevent Dental Disease

teethMany people are under a misconception that flossing and brushing alone are all that they need to do to prevent dental health problems.  For some people that may actually be true,  but I am going to explain why that is not true for most people.

What is said here is in general terms, if you have specific questions about your own dental health ask your doctor.   It is important that you continue to get your regularly scheduled checkups.

The reason why flossing and brushing alone may not be enough to prevent gum and dental disease is easy to find.  Dental professionals themselves tell us that up to 75% of the people have some form of gum disease in their mouths right now!

That is truly an exceptional amount of people.  That works out to 3 out of every 4 people.  If you were to line up 10 of your friends and ask them if they had gum disease, how many would know that they did?  Chances are very few or even none of them.  But what do the stats tell us?

Now you see that regular brushing and flossing is believed to be all you need by most people but in fact, it may only be all that is needed for a minority of people.  This is a very large and tragic misconception.

Do you know anyone that has lost one or more teeth, other than from physical injury?  Did you know that the number one cause of tooth loss is gum disease?

This could mean that many people have lost teeth and they have no idea why.  Replacements are expensive too!

What can you do to help prevent this from happening to your family and your budget?  Many dental hygienists and even dentists have recommended the hydro floss oral irrigator to their patients.

There is an excellent book, entitled:  What You Should Know about Gum Disease, written by a laymen for regular people.  It is an easy to understand book that helps explain the key concepts and what may help you to control the problem of gum disease.

You might ask your dentist for a copy of this book or simply pick up a copy online.  You can also have your local bookstore order it for  you.

This book also mentions the hydrofloss as a powerful tool to aid in the prevention of dental health problems.  In addition, many people can report positive changes after using one for a while.

Again, what was said here is said in general terms.  If you have a specific question about your personal dental health situation, you should ask your doctor or dentist.

In any case, arming yourself with information that you may not be getting anywhere else, can work to protect your budget and your family from costly treatment bills.  If brushing and flossing are not enough for most people, then isn’t it time you figured out what is?  Then you can save your natural teeth, your budget and those whom you love.

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