Which One To Buy- Kindle vs Nook?

Which eBook Reader Should You Buy?

With the advent of two new e-readers from Amazon and Nobles & Barnes, our love for books has grown even deeper. Both Nook and Kindle e-book readers bring an entire collection of books, newspaper editions and magazines at your doorstep, even when you are on the road. Unlike earlier, when you could carry one or two books while you traveled, today with this amazing technology, avid readers can have an entire library, practically at their fingertips.

Selecting the ideal e-book reader can be daunting task, as there are several options available in the market ranging from a budgeted product to a more lavish purchase. Worry not, as we introduce the two pioneers – Amazon Kindle and the Nook by Barnes and Noble in this article. The debate – Kindle vs Nook is tough, as both sides fiercely advocate unique strengths and weaknesses. We highlight the pros and cons of both these models to enable you make an informed decision.

Both Nook and Kindle 4 e-readers work on Android 2.1 (Éclair) OS, and are cheaper options available in the market today. The average cost lies between $140-$150, which is by far economical, when considering the features size and weight of these devices. The Kindle reader supports 6-inch screen while the Nook screen size is an inch bigger at 7-inches. A sharper screen display supported by Nook with 1024×600 pixels, while an average display supported by Kindle at 800×600 pixels resolution. Both e-readers support 2GB memory; however, Nook comes with an expandable SD slot. Consequently, Nook offers a larger download option unlike the restricted Kindle.

Kindle has a greater wireless capacity and is simpler to operate and use with exotic Kindle covers as compared to Nook. Kindle’s battery life is active for 3 weeks with Wi-Fi turned on and one week when 3G on, while Nook offers an 8 hour battery backup when operating only on 3G network and can extend up to one month when both Wi-Fi and 3G turned off.

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