Which Camp Heater Is The Right One For You

This article is aimed at helping you to decide exactly which type of camp heater is right for you. We will look at two different types of camping heaters, propane and kerosene camp heaters to determine which type of camp heater is right for you.

Camping can be great fun, but when the temperature suddenly drops to freezing camping can be dangerous. You should always take into consideration the altitude of where you will be camping as and the time of year and the geological location of your canvas camping tent. Some areas are hot during the daytime, but the temperatures can fall considerably after dark which makes portable heaters for camping a necessity.


The propane camp heaters are small, easy to carry, inexpensive to operate and fairly cheap to buy.
Propane portable camping gas heaters are relatively safe to operate and some come with a safety feature that turns them off if they are tipped over.
You can purchase a small propane camp heater for as little as $50.00 and they go up in price from there to several hundred dollars.


Kerosene camp heaters are a more traditional camp heater that uses kerosene and a wick to produce heat.
One great feature a kerosene camp heater offers is that you can cook on it. The kerosene heater operates using a wick, which becomes soaked in the kerosene when the wick is lit it gives off a nice warm heat and a good hot heat for cooking.
As far as safety goes with the kerosene camp heater it’s about as safe as any other camp heater especially considering the fact that the fuel is not under pressure.
You can get a good kerosene camping tent heater for around $75..00 to $100.00 and they last forever. Now you have all the information you need to make a better purchase before you head off to the woods.

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