What is The Best Juicer to Buy?

The Best Juicer to Buy is an Omega Juicer!

Omega VRT350HD juicerWhen you look around the internet, you can find a plethora of websites that purport to provide juicer reviews. However, there are only a few sites that actually provide honest juicer reviews while the others are written by people who do not actually seem to have any knowledge of the products that they are allegedly reviewing. The reasoning behind this is that when there is money to be made, in this case, the sale of juicers, people will often say anything just to get their hands on your dollars. Unfortunately this is a symptom of the age we live in.

What I propose to do in this article is to talk about two of the juicing appliances that I own. Hopefully, through including details of my actual user experience rather than just quoting technical specifications, you’ll see that I actually know a thing or two about juicing.

Today, I’m just going to talk about two different Omega masticating juicers. Yes, I am a bit of a juicing geek, I own two machines from the same company! In actual fact, there is a good reason for this, both my Omega J8006 and Omega VRT350HD are quite different in design. Therefore they can both do things the other can’t.

Firstly, the J8006 is a horizontal masticating juicer. This is the premium model in the range which includes the J8003, J8004 and J8005. The J8006 has a 15 year warranty on manufacturer defects. This tells us that Omega believe in their products.

Who is this machine for? It’s actually called the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center, and that’s exactly what it is. First and foremost it is the best juicer I have used at juicing leafy green vegetables. It has quite a narrow feeder chute so it’s a good idea to roll up any leaves, kind of like a cigar, and then feed them in. With this “juicer”, when I change out the juicing screen and use the blank screen, I can easily make banana ice cream. This is literally 100% banana dessert (using frozen bananas) but with the consistency of ice cream.

Omega J8006 juicerThe Omega VRT350HD juicer is also a masticating juicer but its design is vertical. It has a larger feeder chute and can make juices more quickly. I prefer this one for juicing, simply because it is faster. However it lacks the more varied food processing capacity of the J8006. A really cool feature of the VRT350HD are the two windscreen wipers that clean the juicing screen while I’m juicing. This helps prevent the juicer getting clogged up during operation.

Both these Omega juicers create a highly nutritious juice. I know this because when I compare the juice that they make with a juice from a centrifugal juicer, their juice doesn’t separate into different layers so quickly. This is to do with the lower juicing speed and lower rate of oxidation. Masticating juicers like these, do create a pulpier juice than using a centrifugal juicer. If I’m honest, I quite like this. However if you want the smoothest juice, you would probably want to strain in before drinking.

Either of these juicers could easily be described as the best juicer to buy. At the end of the day it’s down to your personal preference as either of these Omega juicers are simply amazing.

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