What is My Credit Score – Find Out Here

How to Find Out Your Credit Score For Free

There are so many places online where you can find out your credit score, unfortunately many of them will charge you for that privilege which kinda sucks. I mean if all you want to do is find out your own credit score, shouldn’t it be free? Well, the good news is that there are places that will actually give you your credit score for free, you just have to look for them.

The problem with many of these credit companies is that they have the power to occupy page one of Google. Many people won’t look past the first page when trying to find their credit score which means all the companies on page one of Google will probably charge you something for revealing your credit score.

Even if you search for “whats my credit score for free” you will more than likely charge you because they know you want to find out your credit score. Talk about annoying, but that’s what most of the Internet is like.

When I was trying to find out what my credit score was it took me so long to actually find somewhere that would give me the information for free. I wasted so much time and got so pissed off that I decided that when I eventually found my credit score I would write a post and let other people know how to do it!

If you’re bored of searching for “what’s my credit score” your question is about to be answered! But, I really hope that you’re one of the lucky ones that have found this post first and that you won’t need to waste any more time!

So as a big F. U. to all the rip off credit companies out there, you can Get Your Free Credit Score from ProfinityCredit.com!

Just click the link or click the smiley logo at the top which I found thanks to Google! ;>

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