What is Guerilla Marketing?

How Companies Use Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla MarketingSimply put, guerilla marketing ideas are the tactics that are implemented by industrious and innovative companies owners who wish to gain control over their available markets. These strategies are most commonly known for their shock value and are devised to catch prospective customers off guard and to garner their interest through imaginative presentations of the services or products that are being taken to the market.

You’ll find that it is usually the case that such tactics are intended to show consumers in a real and direct way why the marketed services or products are necessary.

Many of the most profitable business strategies found their beginnings in the most basic of guerilla marketing ideas. The real benefit of implementing these tactics to generate consumer attention lies in the fact that businesses do not require large marketing budgets to put these campaigns into play. In reality the most imaginative of these campaigns often take the least amount of money to implement.

Many business owners are under the mistaken assumption that volume is the most important aspect of marketing their wares.  Quality however actually beats quantity. The most profitable business marketing strategies require the deployment of a number of top quality tactics rather than a high volume of marketing efforts. Any truly effective marketing effort will produce maximum benefits with the smallest possible investment.

Planning Your Approach: Focus on Customer Needs

Companies must make several considerations when planning their tactical approaches to specific markets. In order to truly connect with the targeted consumers a company must learn to think like their market and even to out-think their market.

The marketing campaign must be utterly unique from that of competitors within the niche especially in the consumer thought patterns that it produces. In the end the ultimate goal of guerilla marketing campaigns is to assert the consumer’s need for the company’s products or services in a way that is real and impossible to avoid.

Review for Shock Value & Your Unique Selling Proposition

Companies can review a number of the different guerilla marketing ideas that have been successfully deployed by businesses in the past. Because a successful guerilla campaign will capitalize on the shock value of the tactics that are used it is generally advisable for companies to research consumer habits and opinions before devising their marketing schemes. This helps you avoid campaigns that are perceived as tasteless or offensive.

Just remember that by successfully implementing campaigns that are based upon effective guerilla marketing ideas companies can attain new heights of success and more easily stand out from your competition. And if you are concerned of the effectiveness of some of your ideas then start with a small campaign first to test the waters.

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