What If Fleas Aren’t The Reason Your Dog Is Itching?

What Could be Causing Your Dog to Itch?

westie and puppySo your dog was itching and scratching like crazy. You gave him a bath, but didn’t see any fleas that were causing all the problems. Is your dog crazy? What else could be causing all this itching? There are actually a couple of reasons for dog itching but no fleas. There are certain types of mange in dogs that cause intense itching, malnutrition that dries out the skin and makes it itchy, and even allergies can cause constant itching. But there are things you can do to help your dog in each situation.

If you believe your dog has mange, which are microscopic mites that burrow into your dog’s skin, your best bet is to take them to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. If left untreated, the mange can spread and do real damage to your dog, as your dog obviously cannot handle the situation on their own, and need medical intervention. It doesn’t just look bad, it is very painful for your dog also.

Itching due to malnutrition is one of the easiest things to fix. Try feeding a super-premium dog food, such as a hypoallergenic dog food, to boost the overall nutrion and strengthen your dog’s immune system. You can also give dog supplements specially formulated to help with the coat. These supplements include omega 3 and 6, as these essential fatty acids are vital for healthy skin, yet are easily destroyed in the processing of many dog foods.

Dog allergies can be a pain to try to figure out because your dog can be allergic to just about anything – just like humans. Dog food is a common culprit, although as many people find out, it is really due to feeding inferior dog food rather than an actual allergy to a specific ingredient (pretty much like malnutrition). But dogs are also allergic to certain ingredients as well. They can also be allergic to pollen, dust, grasses, pesticides, fabrics, and so on. You really must end up playing detective to try to figure out the specific allergy. While doing this, try to ease your dog’s itching with colloidal oatmeal bathes and itch relief lotions and sprays containing calendula and aloe vera.

There are several reasons why dogs itch besides fleas. If you are one of the unlucky ones who’s dog falls in this category, it will take a while to figure out the cause. But don’t give up, all this itching is causing great stress on your dog and they need your help. Improving your dog’s nutrition and boosting their immune system will help them better cope with whatever is causing all their problems.

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