What Causes Leg Cramps?

Learn How to Prevent Painful Cramps

leg crampsAlthough it is possible to experience a severe muscle cramp without any prior exercise or physical activity, it is much more common for leg cramps, foot cramps and all types of muscle cramps and spasms to occur after or during strenuous physical activity. When your muscles are pushed to their limits, or the tissue within is stretched to a point that it is not used to, your body will often times respond with a sudden contraction in the particular muscle, either immediately or later in life – often times while you are sleeping that night.

Since these spasms within your muscles are such a common occurrence, healthy lifestyle and dieting are two obvious measures that you can take to help lessen the severity or stop the cramping from happening altogether. In addition to these small changes to the things you eat and do throughout the day, there are also a number of organic remedies that can be used to help keep the pain at bay. A large majority of people over the age of 55 have claimed to experience painful cramps in their legs, feet or hands at least once, so it is important to prepare yourself as you get older regardless of your physical condition.

Cutting out junk food from your daily eating habits can do you a world of good in hundreds of different areas of your health, one of them being muscle cramping and performance. Giving your body too much salt or alcohol will leave you dehydrated and at a much higher risk of a muscle contraction occurring. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks as well, and make sure to keep your body constantly hydrated with fresh water, especially before going to sleep.

Stretching your body regularly will help your muscles to perform better, and you wont have to worry about them stiffening up on you after any sudden movement. The more limber and flexible your muscles become, the better they will be able to handle any strain that you put on them, either purposely or inadvertently. If you engage in sports or other tiring physical activities such as long-distance cycling, football, running, etc., then you must learn to gradually introduce your body to higher levels of performance if you at all wish to avoid putting yourself in a situation of extreme pain.

The quinine found in tonic water and previously prescribed as an empirical treatment for muscle cramping has shown positive results in some cases, but this solution hardly provides very much relief at all. The Amish have been using a remedy for over 100 years for this exact purpose, and it is actually much more effective.  This product is available for purchase online through Caleb Treeze Organic Farm, and it is actually the single most effective remedy that is currently available. Sports coaches and athletes are slowly beginning to catch on to this mixture of raw apple cider vinegar, ginger and garlic – primarily because it is the first product available that can be used as a measure to actually prevent the cramps from happening. A few sips right before a game will greatly lessen your chances of cramping up whatsoever, and there are absolutely no side effects involved since it is made solely of all-natural and organic ingredients. This remedy may have been originally intended for people who suffer from leg cramps at night, but has recently expanded to dozens of professional and amateur athletic communities due to it’s effectiveness.

Nobody wants to go through the next day with the soreness from last night or yesterday’s muscle cramp still lingering. Using muscle rubs and/or painkillers may provide some sort of relief, but this is always temporary and will usually take some time before it has any effect. The most promising solution is to prevent the cramping altogether, and this can be achieved through any number of the previously mentioned techniques and remedies – you just have to experiment and discover what works best for you.

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