What Are The Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar Energy and The Advantages

The advantages of solar energy are actually pretty clear once you fully understand what solar energy is all about. For those that don’t know solar energy is the process of turning the suns rays into usable energy. This happens through solar panels which absorb the suns energy and to put it simply, turn it into electricity.

The clear advantage of solar power is that it is green energy. This means there is no harm to the environment in producing the electricity. The only thing needed to produce the electricity is the suns rays and solar panels. Compare this to other energy sources such as nuclear power and the burning of coal, which both cause massive damage to the environment, and it’s easy to see the environmental advantages of solar energy.

There are many countries around the world that are investing in huges fields of solar panels as it is one of cleanest ways to produce energy that there is.

The only disadvantage is the space these solar fields require. Some people feel that they are an eye-soar which they are, but the alternative is to polute our atmosphere and destroy the environment with harmful gasses and noxious smoke. The advantages of solar power over other forms of energy is clear.

Solar Power in The Home

The advances in solar power in recent years has really increased the electrical output that it can generate. This means that home owners who wish to avoid expensive electrical bills can now invest in home solar panels. Depending on how many and how big the solar panels are, it is possible for some people to eradicate their electricity bills altogether.

The price of home solar panels is somewhat expensive though and can run into thousands of dollars. This shouldn’t put you off though because it’s only a matter of time before you get your investment back and then actually start saving money. There many places online where you can buy solar panels there should also be some solar installation companies in your area, although online is always going to be cheaper.

For others that don’t have the money to invest in solar panels but still want to reap the advantages of solar energy as a home alternative energy source there is another option. You can now build your own DIY solar panels. You will still need to invest around $100 in parts but that is a lot less than buying them.

The other advantage is that you can build one panel at a time, thus only investing $100 each time. It wouldn’t take many months before you could power your whole house and if you kept making them you may even have enough electricity to start selling it your neighbors!

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