Website Security: How to Protect your Website

Don’t Let Your Site Get Hacked

Website SecurityWebsite security is a huge issue as the number of websites on the internet continue to rise. It is too common that website builders and owners simply put up a website and forget it exists. If you have a business website and it is the least bit important to your business, you need to pay attention to its security. If your website ever gets hacked or compromised, it can lead to a reduction in organic search rankings, a drop in traffic, and even a loss of revenue. Here are a few things you can do to better protect your website:

Update any web based software

If your website is using a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress, it is extremely important that you keep the installations up to date. The same is true for any plugins or modules you are using. When a vendor releases a new version of software, it is often for two reasons – additional features and updated security. Staying on top of your software updates will make sure your website is not an easy target for intruders.

Protect your personal computer

You may be surprised that the most common way that a hacker compromises a website is not by bypassing the web host’s security, instead, they simply enter the users password. They gather these usernames and passwords, along with the host information by installing spyware and malware on personal computers and reading the configuration files of common FTP programs.

If you update your website from your personal or work computer, it is very important that you have an up to date virus and spyware scanner and run them often. This is the easiest way to avoid having your website hacked.

Choose the right kind of hosting

Far too often people buy the cheapest web hosting available – shared web hosting. With this hosting, your website is on the same server of potentially thousands of others. If one of those thousand other websites get compromised your website can be at risk because of no fault of yours.

If your website is very important to your business, you might want to consider upgrading your hosting to vps hosting or even dedicated server hosting. Both these types of hosting offer your website its own private environment, one that is not impacted or influenced by other websites on the server. In fact, with dedicated hosting, you are the only client on the entire server.

It is important to think of your website security before it is too late. It’s much easier to plan for the worst and hope for the best than trying to react quickly to a compromised website.

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