Washing Rice Is Part Of Cooking Rice

How to Prepare Rice for Cooking

bowl of riceSome rice cooker recipes will require that you have to learn the steps regarding how to wash rice. In fact, this is a skill that anyone who owns a rice cooker should really take the time to learn. Often you will hear stories from people who claim that they never wash their rice. I certainly believe them. And it is a fact that not all types of rice should even be washed. But an essential part of learning about how to cook rice relates to finding out which types of rice must be washed and which ones either do not have to be washed or in some cases, should not be washed.

If you want to make Japanese white rice, such as komachi, koshi hikari or one of the many other strains of Japonica, then you really must know the correct way to wash it. This is because to get the best tasting rice, rinsing off the starchiness of this type of rice is vital. The reason that this is important is that without doing so, the rice will be too sticky and also have a covering of dry rice paper. This is simply caused by the amount of starch that the rice is cooked in.

Much better to get rid of this so that the rice can cook in a cleaner environment. You will be rewarded with amazingly succulent and sticky grains of rice that tastes great. Not only this, but if you decide to cook a mixed rice dish with meat or fish, the results will be great.

So if you are still unsure about what you have to do, there is no need to worry. What sort of rice cooker do you have? There is a fair chance that contained within the instruction booklet, there will be specific details about what you have to do. At its most basic, the only things that you really have to worry about are measuring, washing, rinsing your rice. It is very easy once you know what to do.

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