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The Vocal Release program is the mid range option of the three programs we have reviewed. According to the author, Eric Frey, the vocal release technique widens your vocal range and can be applied to any style of music.

The whole course is a culmination of over 20 years of Eric’s singing experience and research into how the human voice works. Its main focus is to enable voice students to sing as naturally as they speak.

While it is a complete singing course, it doesn’t cover all aspects of singing quite as extensively as Singorama.

The Vocal Release program includes a very detailed 347 page vocal instruction manual along with 7 instructional CDs.

My initial opinion of the course is that it’s definitely not suitable for beginners. The manual goes into extreme detail on various different vocal techniques, but doesn’t have any diagrams to go along with the techniques and exercises, making them quite difficult to actually picture how the exercises should be performed exactly.

The 39 audio lessons are divided up into 7 sections and are designed to be studied over a period of eight weeks. The audio quality is very good and can’t be faulted.

The audio lessons really are the heart of the course and show you how to properly warm up your voice before singing and also how to warm down. There are also plenty of singing exercises to help you build vocal strength, although it is nowhere near as comprehensive as Singorama.

The overall feel of The Vocal Release program is really professional but somehow lacking character. It takes itself very seriously and takes away some much of the fun from doing the exercises.

There are a couple of bonuses included with the Vocal Release program including a Ryming Dictionary helps when writing lyrics. It finds word that rhyme with just about anything to make your song writing easier. The other is a 36 page Song Writing Guide with some good tips and tricks for both writing song melodies and lyrics.

Both are nice additions but won’t really appeal to beginners who are just trying to improve their voices.


At $97 The Vocal Release program is the mid range option for would be singers. The problem is though Vocal Release just isn’t suitable for beginners. If you’re just starting out and not too serious about learning how to sing the you should save yourself some money and go for the cheaper ‘Singing is Easy’ course.

If you are passionate about learning how to sing, spend the extra money and go for Singorama. There really is no better option.

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