Vitamin B12 Foods Benefits Out Of Stevia

Vitamin B12

vitamin b12In Brazil and Paraguay in South America, the local people have been using a wonderful sweet plant, called Stevia. This wonderful sweet sugar leaf is a few hundred times more sweet than sugar, and contains absolutely no calories at all, which means that especially diabetic people could benefit from it the most. However, anyone could take advantage of this plant and get rid of the dreaded table sugar. Stevia side effects do not exist, but for some reason, the public seems to be a bit  not-trusting this plant, which I believe has been caused by the artificial sweeteners and sugar industries.

These false rumors probably got widely known due to the money spent by the above industries themselves, so that their income is not hurt by the natural Stevia plant. Like any other natural thing, Stevia can not be patented, and that is the reason why no one does any research for its safety. That’s because there is no money and profit in it. Well, you can grow your own organic garden and enjoy many other benefits other than its sweetening effect.

You can even go a bit further and enjoy the Stevia plant along some other foods rich in vitamin B12. B12 is a nutrient that originates in the ground, a soil bacteria to be exact, contrary to popular belief, in which only meat, poultry, fish, and other animal food, contain this vitamin. Our past human ancestors probably got their daily required amount of vitamin B12 out of eating a vegan diet. The point is that any fruit or vegetable that is consumed unwashed, has some B12 in it to some extent. If you get to grow your own garden, you don’t have to wash your grows since it was not chemically sprayed and enhanced, like in the corporate agriculture. Anyway, that way, you can enjoy both the benefits of B12 and the major benefits of the magnificent Stevia plant.

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