Various Cayenne Pepper Benefits

The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepperCayenne pepper is a culinary spice known for its pain-blocking effects due its active component capsaicin. It has been used as a good home remedy for arthritis, headaches and psoriasis. Apart from this, there are other numerous cayenne pepper health benefits that may prove to be very useful for you.

Reducing Inflammation

When used to treat arthritis, Cayenne pepper have been found to deal with the swelling as well. Further investigation shows that it also deals with substance P, a protein-like molecule found within the body that is associated with the inflammatory response. Stopping substance P has been valuable in dealing with inflammation especially at the joints where they are harder to control. To further prove its effects, researches show that animals who take in numerous amounts of capsaicin have also been able to prevent serious inflammation significantly.

Increasing Cardiovascular Health

Recent developments in cardiovascular health have shown that red peppers such as Cayenne have been working wonders in terms of preventing heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism and other cardiovascular diseases. This is because they can also reduce cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood which improves the process of circulation dramatically. They also lessen the thickness of blood which makes it less sticky and reduce the risk of untoward blood clots.

Clearing Mucus and Congestion

Capsaicin has also been proven to work faster than cold medications when it comes to clearing congestion in the natal passages. This action is made possible as capsaicin can thin the mucus via secretions in the area. Tea made with cayenne pepper is a good quick response to nasal congestion and stuffiness.

Other Health Benefits

Other health benefits include the strengthening of the immune system by boosting the body’s mucous membranes. Thus, regular intake of capsaicin should see you through the battle against pesky viruses that cause colds and flu. Cayenne pepper has also anti-bacterial effects in the stomach which makes it a wonderful medication for stomach ulcers.

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