Using The Bumbo Baby Seat Responsibly

How to Make Proper Use of the Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby SeatMost infants before about 4-5 months cannot sit upright on their own.  This is where baby seats come in.  They can be helpful in this regard.  The Bumbo is a baby seat designed for an infant to sit in, even before they can sit upright on their own.  The Bumbo supports the baby.  Improper use of the Bumbo can cause serious injury to your baby.  Overuse is another problem, as it can slow a baby’s developmental ability to sit upright on their own.  Here is a guide on proper Bumbo use.

1.  Place the Bumbo on the floor.  To keep your baby from tipping, always make sure the surface you place the seat on is level and secure.  The Bumbo doesn’t fully strap your baby in, so you never want to put the seat high up on a chair, table or desk.

2.  Now you can put your baby in the seat.    It should be pretty clear how to sit them in the seat.  Their bottom goes in the seat, and their legs will naturally go out through the leg holes.

3.  Now just let your baby sit back and enjoy the “ride.”

4.  It’s a good idea not to take your eye off of your baby at this point.    The fact is, so many parents get lazy about watching their kids in the Bumbo.  They really treat it like a baby sitter.  I caution you to watch your baby.  Please, take responsibility.

5.  You may notice your baby gets uncomfortable in the sitting position after a while.  If you notice this, take them out immediately.  It’s recommended that a baby sit in the seat for short periods of time.  15 minutes is what’s recommended.  Sitting a baby in the Bumbo for too long may delay their sitting development.  What happens is they become dependent on the seat as a sort of crutch.

Over use of the Bumbo is not recommened.  I would say the same principle goes for walkers and jumpers.  While using a baby bouncer or swing a lot is okay, walkers, jumpers and baby seats like the Bumbo should be used sparingly.  When babies over use these devices, they may develop the wrong muscles for walking or jumping or sitting.  Again, they are depending on the device, rather than strengthening their own muscles.

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