Using Spotting Scopes For Hunting

Choosing The Right Spotting Scope

best spotting scopeThe spotting scope you use for hunting will depend on what type of hunting you are into and the terrain or forest you are hunting in. It is for the hunters that hunt in large open spaces that spotting scopes are most essential. While hunting in wide open spaces, hunters will have to watch the game only from a distance. Spotting scopes are not generally used while hunting in smaller fields as the high magnification power of scopes makes it difficult for the hunter to accurately target a game that is in close proximity.

Spotting scopes are used much like binoculars are. Scopes can be set up on tripods or can be mounted on the window of a vehicle. It is better to set up the scope on tripods or mount them on windows instead of holding them because the vibrations at higher magnifications can distract you. At higher magnifications, it is difficult to scan with spotters because as the magnification is high, a small change in position of the tripod can cause your field of vision to change drastically. For instance, if the spotter is moved by an inch, the field of vision will be changed by at least a hundred yards. Spotting scopes can also pose problems while scanning certain terrains. For example, if the terrain you are scanning has a timber backdrop, when magnified several times, the entire backdrop might look the same through spotting scopes. This makes the process of identifying the game a lot more tedious.

Therefore, it is best to use best spotting scope together with top rated hunting binoculars. Scanning the terrain with binoculars is easier than with spotting scopes. Once you have spotted the game with the binoculars, you can use the spotting scope to watch them and get more details. In other words, spot the target using binoculars and zoom in for the details using scopes.

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