Using Outdoor Shower Fixtures in the Backyard

Outdoor Shower Fixtures

outdoor shower fixtureLovers of the outdoors will be delighted to have a bathroom fixture that fits their lifestyle.  Outdoor shower fixtures lets you shower in your own backyard and make you feel closer to nature once again without having to leave your own home.  It is also a great installation for those with backyard pools.  Washing for you and your guests after a swim in the pool is now accessible with one of these stylish outdoor shower fixtures.  Beach and resort owner also like to have these outdoor shower pictures near the pool or entrance so their guests will be able to wash in freshwater after a swim.

The best outdoor shower fixtures are brass and metal.  These materials compared to plastic and nylon and durable and can withstand long exposure to heat in the backyard.  The simplest way to have an outdoor shower installed is to attach it to a garden hose.  Or you can mount in a tree, built it as a standalone shower then put tubing where you can attach it to an outdoor water piping system.  For those who have long winter an expensive frost proof may be required for the pipes.  You can also attach it to your water system to have a choice between hot and cold shower.  Just remember to put an anti scald cover to the shower head so you will not feel roasted taking a hot shower.

If you have neighbors nearby who might be prying on your backyard shower it might be wise to put a shower curtain.  To add some styles use an oval shower curtain rod to create a larger shower space.  Check your local building codes as well for the draining of water.  They may not allow draining the water directly to the ground for the safety of groundwater quality.

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