Using Leotards to Your Advantage

Leotards Are Great For Exercise

leotardIt is the sign of a true athlete when they need to wear leotards in order to perform their sport. This is not to diminish the rest of the athletic traditions that are out there, but leotards are generally used in sports where every part of the body plays an important role, and that is why it is worn. There are many sports which focus on one part of the body doing something, or just mastering one motion, and these sports allow for several kinds of uniforms to be worn. However, as we all see when the Olympics come around, there are some sports that simply demand more.

Think of it this way: is there a need for a baseball pitcher or a bowler to wear leotards? Absolutely not, because these sports do not require a full range of motion from every single part of the body. In fact, it is very common for world-class bowlers to appear obese in some instances. Even a major league pitcher–who is arguably the most important member of the team, and is a part of a sport that pays him millions of dollars–can have a pot belly and still be one of the best pitchers alive. For these kinds of sports an extremely specific uniform, at least one that exists for reasons of functionality, is not very important to the performance of the athlete.

As long as the one range of motion that their arms need to do are not hindered they will be able to perform at a level that is deemed appropriate. In fact, most bowlers simply wear polo shirts and slacks as their uniforms, with the only necessary item be a very specific kind of shoe. Every sport has their necessities, but some just require more than special shoes. When it comes to gymnastics leotards, there are few sports that require something that is so specific. The reason for the leotard is this: basically, any item of clothing will hinder the movement of the body in someway, so the leotard is used so that the person is in their most natural state.

In the times of the ancient Greeks, the Olympic athletes all performed the respective sports without any clothing at all. This allowed them to perform unhindered from any sources outside of their bodies–in this instance that would be clothing. That clearly would not work in the modern world, but luckily something that is just as good has come up. The thin and stretchy material that makes up most leotards is essentially the same as playing a sport the way the ancient Greeks used to. A full range of motion can be obtained by the athlete, and this allows for a performance that is unmatched.

In something like gymnastics, the smallest mistake can mean deadly results, so any problem that might come from loose clothing must be eliminated in every way. The safety of the athlete and the performance that they can create are the two most important things to consider in this situation. Every sport is different and difficult in its own way, and this is reflected by the uniform. Soccer players and basketball players also need a full range of motion, but their uniforms are extremely loose.

This is because these are also endurance sports, thus wearing something that is skin tight for ninety minutes would not be very healthy for the players. These small differences always exist for a reason, and all you need to do in order to discover them is watch the sport and reason it out. Start noticing different uniforms and asking yourself why they have such specific designs today!

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