Using Home Gym Equipment to Keep in Shape this Winter

Exercise at Home With a Home Gym

home gymWith the winter setting in fast, many people are put off from going to the gym by the colder and wetter weather, as they’d rather stay at home in the evenings in the warm and dry. The winter weather and darker evenings also stops people from going running, keeping them indoors kicking their heals instead. It’s easy to let your fitness slide when you don’t keep to a regular schedule, and a great way to make up for your lack of activity during the winter is to buy a piece of gym equipment to use at home.

When looking to buy your first piece of home fitness equipment it’s a good idea to choose a machine that will give you an all-over workout, so you don’t have to fill your home with lots of different bits of kit. Elliptical cross trainers and treadmills both make fantastic first purchases, as they are both incredibly easy to use and will exercise all the major groups of muscles in your body – from your legs, up through your torso, across your chest and down your arms – nothing will be missed out. They’re also perfect for giving a high intensity aerobic workout, so you can be sure to keep your weight under control by burning of the excesses of the holiday season.

When trying to choose between the two machines, it’s probably best to stick to what you know – if your body is used to the stresses and strains of running then the treadmill will make a perfect indoor substitute when you can’t get outside. If you’re not used to this kind of exercise, though, then the cross trainer could make a wiser buy. Running puts a lot of stress on your ankle and knee joints, and it can take several months for your body to toughen up enough not to feel the pain – anyone with arthritis should discount the treadmill immediately, as they’ll be more prone to soreness in these areas.

All major high street sports store will have a range of cross trainers and treadmills for sale, and it’s a great idea to check them out before you buy so that you can get an idea of how each machine works and what they can do. You’ll almost certainly get a better bargain shopping online though, and these days it’s possible to get a fairly high spec machine for around $250. Most will have the ability to vary the intensity of your workout so that you can make it harder as you go along, and many will come with a range of pre-programmed workout routines that will vary this automatically as you go through your workout. This can be a great way of changing each day’s activity just enough so that you don’t get bored performing the same routine day after day.

Most modern home gym machines are built to a high quality these days, and you’ll be hard pressed to notice the difference in the workout you get between your machine at home and one that you might use in a professional gym. Many people find that the quality, convenience and ease of exercising at home is so great, that come the end of the winter they don’t want to go back to their old routine.

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