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If You’re Looking For Cheap iPhones Then Your Best Bet is eBay

iphone 4Brand new iPhones cost a lot of money. And then even when you buy one, there will be a brand new iPhone released a few months later. If you don’t need to have the very latest iPhone model then you can save a lot of money by purchasing a used iPhone. eBay is easily the best place to find a used iPhone for sale however there are some things to consider before making your bid.

When you’re looking for cheap iPhones for sale on eBay you need to check that the seller has good feedback. When it comes to expensive items such as an iPhone you should really only buy from people with good feedback. The next step is to read the description carefully. You really need to make sure that it is in full working order and not damaged in any way.

With iPhones one thing you really have to make sure that it is unlocked. When iPhones are made there are two versions, locked and unlocked. Unlocked iPhones will work on any network where as a locked one will only work on one specific network.  Some people who buy a locked iPhone manage to unlock it themselves and then sell it under the title of  “unlocked iPhone for sale”. You have to careful with these types of iPhones as if you update them through iTunes you can easily end up re-locking them to the original carrier.

Read the description carefully and make it was sold originally sold as an unlocked iPhone.


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