USDA Field Testing Proves Unique Garlic Juice Answer to 2012 Tick Season

Preventing Ticks With Garlic

TickPeople generally think of a tick as something that you might pick off their dog or cat, but a very small amount of research will prove that ticks are actually just as dangerous to humans when it comes to deadly diseases as are mosquitoes or any other insect. Lyme disease, tularemia, Babesiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are but a few of the deadly diseases that ticks carry in America alone. People struggle with these 8-legged creatures every year, but experts agree that 2012 may very well be the worst tick season yet – keep reading to learn how to protect yourself and your family from these dangerous creatures.

Ticks wait on trees, leaves, branches, plants, grass, shrubs, on the sides of walls, shacks; just about anywhere where a host might pass by. The slight vibrations made by you or your pets when you walk is enough to let a tick know that a possible meal is nearby, and these 8-legged creatures can also smell your scent from a good distance away. When you pass by or brush up against a tick, they attach themselves wherever they can, preferably the softer areas of skin. A natural anesthetic is administered as they bite into your skin, so you’ll actually have no idea that a tick is even on you until you see it with your own eyes.

Any number of diseases that a tick carries can be transmitted on to its host as soon as it attaches itself, so scientific institutions and government organizations around the world have to work very hard to try and combat the increasingly high amounts of fatalities that are caused by tick diseases every year. Fortunately, in New Haven, Connecticut, field studies conducted by the USDA were able to provide us with a great insight towards keeping you, your family and your pets safe: a unique garlic juice made by Garlic Research Labs in Glendale, California.

Garlic Research Labs managed to develop a very special strain of garlic that retains higher amounts of natural tick repelling compounds in its liquid form than any other strain of garlic in the world, as proven by the Silliker International Research Labs. This garlic was turned into an international product known as Mosquito Barrier, and it has made an enormous impact on the fight against ticks and a number of other potentially dangerous insects. In tests conducted by the USDA, the special garlic extract used in Mosquito Barrier was found to repel ticks from grassy areas for 4 weeks and eliminate any tick larvae that exist in the sprayed area. You can’t hope to get rid of every tick in your neighborhood, but you can be sure that not a single one of them will put 1 of their 8 legs onto your property with this unique garlic extract made by Garlic Research Labs.

Visit the official Mosquito Barrier website to learn more about this product and why it is the perfect choice for keeping ticks out of your yard and away from you and your family. You can read through the countless testimonials to see what previous users of this product have said, and every purchase also comes with a money-back guarantee. The threat that ticks pose to humans and just about any other animal you can think of is no joke, and waiting until the tick population begins to overwhelm you this summer is a very bad choice. By keeping ticks out of your yard and off your property with Mosquito Barrier, you can guarantee that you and your family will be safe as long as you are there.

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