Unexpected Uses for Skin So Soft Bath Oil

Skin So Soft Bath Oil

avon bath oilThere are many good reasons why Avon’s Skin So Soft is a best seller. Not only does SSS make you skin soft as satin, but it has many unexpected uses that you may not be aware of. Skin so Soft has several bath and body products to choose from, including bath oil, shower gel, bath oil spray, body lotion, hand cream, body cleanser and wash, as well as age correction complex products. This amazing product does more than moisturize and even out skin tone, it has other unexpected uses. This article will go over a few suggestions that you may want to try with Skin So Soft Bath Oil.

You can use it as an after shower moisturizer; use as a tanning oil; remove makeup; massage oil for tired muscles; clean oil off skin; clean tape marks left from bandages on skin; help relieve itching from dry skin while helping retain elasticity; hot oil treatment to soften cuticles; insect repellent (especially mosquitoes and ants); remove paint from hands; clean oil and grease off of skin. You can also soothe a light sunburn; put 1-2 cap full’s in liquid soap and use for shaving legs and under arms (it helps the razor glide and leaves skin feeling smooth); rub on dry, cracked skin to help heal it in 2-3 days; rub hands with it before washing and hands will get cleaner; remove chewing gum from hair, skin, and most nonporous surfaces; pour a little into your Foot Saver to help moisturize your feet while you relax them; remove head lice by saturating head with SSS Bath Oil and let set for 15 minutes, then rinse under an outdoor faucet. It also kills ants and keep ants from entering through a window by covering windowsill with bath oil towelettes; makes hair soft and shiny by rubbing dime size amount of SSS into hair after shampooing and conditioning; alleviate psoriasis by rubbing onto elbows, and add to bath water to get rid of dry skin.

It certainly is amazing how this gentle product can accomplish all these tasks. Maybe it’s the lavender, citrus, and white lily notes of the herbal and rich woodland scent that works these amazing wonders. It comes as no surprise that Skin So Soft Bath Oil outsells and out moisturizes the competition.

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