Understanding How to Give and Receive Love

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loveOne of the biggest killers of relationships today is people smothering and placing to many expectations on their partner. Often times because of insecurities and an unnatural neediness people forget that the best way to keep someone wanting to come back to you by allowing them to have the freedom to come and go as they please. Nothing can squander affection like feeling pressure to give it, and this is exactly what many people do to their partner when do not permit them the personal space that they need.


Have you ever had partner that constantly forced you to give up things you enjoyed doing in because they needed you to spend time with them. Perhaps you have been made to feel guilt for choosing to spend time alone rather than in constantly being joined at the hip. If you are like most people, this probably slowly started to make you associate resentment and lack of freedom with your partner. As you probably saw, there is no better way to make your partner distant than by not allowing them enough space to breath. Just like sand, the tighter your squeeze on your relationship the faster it will slip right through your fingers.


While everyone knows this at some level, one of the biggest challenges in relationships is being able to have reasonable expectations while keeping personal space intact. It is completely normal to expect the person you are dating to be there for you and give love, however this line often becomes very hazy when one partner starts to needs to much from the other.


In order to maintain a healthy relationship its is extremely important that you understand how give and receive love so that you can avoid entering the realm of craving and demanding it. If you are starting to feel that your partner is not giving you enough affection or is starting to become distant you need to ask yourself a few things. Will forcing them to spend time with you make things better? Will making them feel guilty bring them closer to you? Is this simply a misunderstanding or is the source of the problem based on a weak relationship?


This is why it is so important to communicate and understand how your partner is feeling. If your partner is becoming distant, instead of punishing them or demanding more, ask them why they are becoming distant. You will never be able to force someone to love you and you will only force them farther away if you do not acknowledge their need for personal space. It is crucial that you discover whether they are needing space because of how they are feeling or if this is simply how they feel a relationship should be handled. Is it because they do not feel the same anymore or is this just their natural behavior?


If you feel that you are not receiving enough love and you understand why your partner needs space there is only one thing you can do. You need to ask yourself if this is acceptable to you. Do you want to be with someone you have to force to spend time with you? If the person you are dating is to distant for your liking, you need to either learn to accept their behavior or move on to find someone who shares a similar view on relationships.


In the end, you must understand that relationships are like the sand I mentioned before. When you hold it you only have two options. Accept how it sits in your hand or drop it. You will never be able to change the form of the sand or hold it any tighter. The more you try to, the more you will lose it and if you continue to add pressure even the best relationships will slip through your fingers. So learn to give and receive love with reasonable expectations, because the the best love you can get from someone is love given they give freely. This is essential also for how to flirt with a girl


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