Two Top Christmas Presents For Men This Holiday Season

What to Get Your Man For Christmas This Year

christmas giftsShopping for presents for men can be a difficult task, especially when the man is someone that you do not know very well or a guy who has everything. In general, you can play it safe and get the usual suspects, like a bottle of cologne, or maybe a tie but that does get boring and fast.  If you have men on your shopping list this season then please read on it to learn our two picks for great presents for men this Christmas.

GPS Navigation Device
One of the best gifts for men this holiday season is a portable GPS navigation device. These are really handy gadgets that provide navigation features for a variety of uses. One of the best features of these devices is that they can be purchased in a model that can be mounted on the car dash for use while driving and then easily removed and used to for hiking, finding directions and landmarks while on vacation and for many other purposes. Many models are very affordable and so they make great Christmas gifts for men.

Portable navigation devices continue to lead the personal electronics marketplace and offer a variety of useful features the most anyone can use.  First, there is the indispensable feature of turn by turn voice over driving directions, this is ideal for getting where ever you need to go on time and to avoid getting lost.  Along with the standard driving directions, most all GPS devices will also provide information for alternate routes when there are detours or traffic jams up ahead.

Another great feature of the portable GPS device is finding landmarks, gas stations, restaurants, rest areas, etc. while traveling. Basically anything that you might need while on the road the GPS can locate it.  This can be done by either a general input into the device, for example, “coffee shop” or  by asking for a specific brand name for example “Denny’s restaurant”.  These types of features offer great peace of mind and usability whether you are out in an unfamiliar place or even close to home, and this is why a GPS navigation device is one of the best presents for men this Christmas and actually these make great Christmas gifts for women as well.

Some of the best brand names in GPS Devices are Garmin, Magellan and TomTom.  When shopping it’s a good idea to look at  some user reviews for the particular products that you might want to purchase as a gift.  Also keep an eye on the individual features as GPS devices vary greatly from one model to the other.

Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker
For the man in your life that loves to cook out a charcoal smoker is a wonderful gift, and no other product does it better than the Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker.  There are many men who take great pride to produce delicious barbecue smoked meats and the Weber Smoker is ideal because it is easy to use, durable and large enough to cook more meat than any other grill.  Ranked as a top selling smoker on Amazon by existing customers and is also one of the most wished for items on the site.

Key Features
– Large cooking area
– Water pan and thermometer included
– Steel exterior and nickel-plated grates are incredibly durable, prolonging the life of the smoker by years
– Individual vents facilitate roper air flow for tender and juicy meats
– 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

One of the main features of this smoker is that it provides ample cooking space. It can fit both a turkey and ham at the same time.  This really makes it the ideal product when cooking for large dinner parties and large families.  The cooking greats are large, nickel-plated and very durable and are large enough to handle heavy slabs of meat.  The external design is sleek and durable, made from porcelain-enameled premium-grade steel.  The vents on the lid and bowl provide optimal control of  airflow of the smoker and the lid’s handle is resistant to heat so it’s safe and easy to use.  Perfect cooking control is used at all times so all meats  come out juicy, flavorful and delicious.

Both the GPS devices and the Weber Smoky Mountain grills are great choices this year as gifts for men. Keep in mind that there are great deals online to be had for both of these products, check out sites like Amazon to get the best deals, read user reviews and save money on all your gifts this year.

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