Training Puppies With Reinforcement

The Best Way to Train Your Puppy

running puppyAdopting a new puppy is a big responsibility. You new puppy will need food, shelter, love and also training. While Food and shelter as easily enough bought and love is hard not to give to a brand new puppy, training can sometimes go overlooked. If you are not intentionally training your new puppy they are still learning things and probably things you do not want them to learn.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the most productive way to train your puppy. Some trainers say its the only way and I tend to agree. If you negatively reinforce your dogs behavior by timing them out in their crate the will learn that their crate is not a good place to be and when you want them to go into their crate when you are leaving the house they will likely avoid it and you will have to force them inside. If you, however, treat the crate as a great place to be by giving treats for going inside and staying quiet your dog will think the crate is a place for rewards. A dog crate cover helps the dog to know that their crate is a safe place to be. You can even get insulated dog crate covers that even help keep your dog warm in the winter.

Negative Reinforcement

One type of negative reinforcement that seems to work well is the use of a dog citronella collar. These collars spray a little bit of citronella at the dog if they back causing them to be confused and stop barking. They do not like the citronella so it stops the barking very quickly. You should pair dog citronella collars with a command like “quiet” and follow it up with a treat when they quiet down. Eventually all you will need is the command and the treat and then, hopefully, only the treat.

Great training goes a long way to a well behaved adult dog that everyone can enjoy.

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