Top Christmas Toys for 2011

top christmas toys

What Are The Top Christmas Toys of 2011?

The top Christmas toys 2011 will include many of the usual suspects as well as some new faces. One thing is for sure and that is the closer we get to Christmas the harder things will become to find! If you are reading this in September or before then you are wise! If it’s November or December already, then you need to hurry!



The Top Christmas Toys 2011




The biggest seller last year was the Xbox Kinect. The Kinect had a limited number of games when it was released in November 2010 but still managed to sell out in many places. Now, a year later and with a whole host of amazing games you can expect the Kinect to be top of the list for many kids, teens and adults this Christmas.

There are several different Kinect bundles available depending on whether you already have an Xbox 360 and also whether you want some free bundled games.





Radio Controlled Helicopters

syma s107Radio controlled helicopters have become really popular so you can expect them to be in short supply this Christmas! It’s definitely one for the boys and they are only suitable for indoor use. There are several different brands available in different sizes but the Syma S107 is definitely the most popular.

The Syma S107 gyro mini metal helicopter is really small and great fun to play with indoors. At roughly 7.5 inches long, it can easily fit within the palm of your hand. With it’s cutting edge gyroscope technology it can go forwards, backwards, up, down, left and right. With some practice you can fly it in even the smallest of places. However accidents do happen and you can break the blades if you’re not careful. It’s best to but an extra set if you pan on buying this RC mini helicopter.

You can charge it from the USB cable or from the controller which uses AA batteries..





Bean Bags for Kidskids bean bag

Bean bag make fantastic Christmas presents for kids. There are thousands of different bean bags for kids to choose from so you can guarantee that you’ll be able to find one in style that your child will like. Kids bean bags are available in a range of prices so you could pick up a cheap one if you want although a more expensive one would be a lot more durable.

If you have younger children you could buy them a themed bean bag which is styled after their favorite super hero or sports team. For older kids though, standard generic kids bean bags are more suitable.