How to Gain Weight Fast!

Do You Need to Bulk Up?

gain weightThere’s no shortage of diet and weight loss tips to be had for those who struggle to keep their body weight down, but for lots of people the problem is actually the other way around: they’re too skinny, and can’t seem to gain weight no matter what they do. If you find yourself in that category, here’s how you deal with it:

  1. Begin a weight lifting program. Weight lifting is a good way too force your body to put on more muscle mass, provided you do it right. Start lifting weights three times a week, learn some bodybuilding basics, and stick with it – for the rest of your life, preferably! Bodybuilding and strength training is fun, and can help you grow in more ways than you’d think: lots of weight lifting enthusiasts find that not only do their efforts in the gym help them grow stronger and look better, but they also gain character – something that aids them in virtually all other arenas in life.
  2. Make an effort to never go hungry. Keep fueling the body with what it needs to grow. If you find yourself hungry, this could mean the body starts feeding off itself – which you obviously do NOT want if you’re aiming to gain weight.
  3. Train yourself to eat more. Studies show that overweight people underestimate how much they eat, while those who are underweight (and often claim they could eat an elephant without putting on weight) actually think they eat a lot more than they really do. Start writing down what you eat, and aim to make the list bigger day by day by actually training yourself to eat more. Athletes (bodybuilders in particular) do this all the time; they have to, or else they would lose body weight due to the massive training loads their bodies have to endure day in and day out.
  4. Drink peppermint tea. Peppermint tea has been found to increase appetite in under-eaters – try it and see if it works for you!
  5. Eat more snacks between meals. Snacking on healthy fruits and nuts is an easy way to consume more calories. Keep them around at all times.
  6. Liquid calories is the way to go! Liquid calories are easier to consume vast quantities of than solid food. Add some fruit juices to your diet, and consider using a quality weight gain supplement like PVL’s Mutant Mass, which can help you get more calories and important nutrients to support your weight gain efforts.
  7. Make absolutely sure you’re not nutrient deficient. Research shows that even big eaters can be nutrient deficient. In order for your body to function properly, it must get the nutrients it needs. Some nutritional deficiencies (and we’re talking micronutrients here, not proteins, carbs or fats – or total calories) result in problems gaining bodyweight. Make sure you get what you need day in and day out by eating a wide variety of quality foods, as well as using supplements if needed.
  8. If nothing seems to work – see what your doctor has to say. This is uncommon, but some people do have medical issues that keep their body weight down. If all else fails, do check with your doctor to make sure that you don’t have a thyroid issue or something else that could hamper with your weight gaining efforts – just to be sure, of course. If everything is the way it should be, just keep following “the program” and give it time – remember, Rome was not built in a day!

Gaining weight – even for naturally skinny folks – is not as hard as you may think! A consistent effort will pay off in time – so start right away, and your days as the proverbial beanstalk may soon come to an end! Good luck!

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