Tips On Where To Place Your Outdoor Firewood Rack

Where is Your Outdoor Firewood Rack?

Outdoor FirewoodKeeping firewood out of doors is the best way to keep your house free from insect infestation. Centipedes, millipedes, wood lice, ants, termites, wasps, bees and other critters like to live inside wood, and if you’re careless about inspecting firewood, you may unwittingly bring those crawlies inside your home. Outdoor firewood storage means you need a good-sized, sturdy firewood storage rack in which to keep your logs, and as long as you’re vigilant about keeping the firewood properly piled and well-sheltered, you won’t have to worry about the rack getting damaged and your firewood getting wet.

Outdoor firewood racks are bigger and sturdier than those made for indoor use, so you can store more firewood inside them. But it also means the rack should be set on hard, solid ground, since the legs of the rack can sink into soft soil, especially when you fill it with firewood. Also, firewood racks are designed to be set on level ground, and this can be a problem when your yard or garden has a sloping ground. The best thing to do is to place hard wood between the stand of the rack and the ground, or you can also have a portion of your yard levelled and cemented, where you will then place your firewood rack.

There are a few tips on how to store firewood outdoors that you might find useful. Aside from placing the firewood rack on level ground, try setting it beside a wall of your house or the garden shed, but don’t place it right next to the wall; give some space for air to flow around the rack and keep the firewood dry. Use a firewood rack cover or a water-resistant sheet to drape over the top of your rack so your logs will not get wet, but don’t cover every inch of the rack, so any remaining moisture in your logs can dry.

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