Tips on Buying Affordable Tourbillon Watches

Tourbillon Watches

Tourbillon WatchRegarded as the art of watch making, tourbillon watches are the symbols of fine watch craftsmanship. Tourbillon watchmakers are proud of their ability to produce such desirable artworks. For a long time tourbillon watches can only be afforded by the privileged richest. A genuine piece of tourbillon watch used to cost above $50K and above. Some nicer models can have the price tag of a small house. The average watch lovers can only admire their owners tourbillon watch collections. Owning a tourbillon watch has never crossed their mind.

Thanks to the globalization, buying a tourbillon watch has become possible for the average people. Many watchmakers, including some Swiss companies, source their tourbillon movements from China in order to reduce manufacturing cost. These movements have to be thoroughly tested and added with local designs in order to comply with the respective country’s standards and labeled as “Swiss Made” etc. Outsource parts of the manufacturing process to reduce cost is not a secret for many industries. This still remains a “little secret” of the watch making industry for many people.

European made tourbillon watches, however, still remain very expensive. Whether they use Chinese tourbillon movements or not, they can easily cost more that what you would pay for a new car. The good news is that the Chinese watchmakers have started to pump out tourbillon watches of their own brands. These Chinese tourbillons are more affordable than their European counterparts. With lower manufacturing costs and the ability of mass production, the Chinese have managed to make tourbillon watches at a fraction of the cost of their European counterparts. Typically a Chinese tourbillon watch sells for a third to half of the price a Swiss watch of the same grade.

who are on a small budget. However when buying Chinese tourbillon watches a few things have to be kept in mind. “Tourbillon style” and “automatic tourbillons” are NOT real tourbillons therefore it can be very cheap but not worth the money. When buying from eBay, only deal with reputable sellers, such as Power Sellers and ALWAYS use Paypal for your protection. When buying directly from China, tax is almost always payable when buying valuable items such as tourbillon watches.

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