Tips For Improving Your Wireless Connectivity

Improve Your Wireless Connectivity

wifiIf you’re computers still connect to the internet with a wireless G adapter, you might be wondering what the benefits are of upgrading to the new wireless n adapter. Unless you are having issues, you shouldn’t really consider it, however there are a few reasons it might be worth looking in to. Primarily, wireless N internet is much faster than it’s wireless G predecessor. In fact, it is much faster than most people will ever need on the internet (i.e. faster than your internet connection itself). However, it also has the ability to extend your range up to 3 times the distance of your old G network. This is not a reason to upgrade by itself, because there are more cost effective ways to upgrade your coverage.

Most people fail to consider that a wireless n adapter is not the only component they need to buy in order to upgrade wireless network. Although your internet will still work with the new adapter, you won’t actually benefit from an increase in speed and coverage unless you also upgrade your wireless router. This can be very expensive if all you want to do is increase your coverage area. Additionally, you will also be required to completely re-configure your wireless network (name and password) if you upgrade all components. Finally, you’ll also need to get new adapters for each computer in your house for everyone to benefit from the upgrade. More than likely, a wireless router signal booster will be a much more cost effective upgrade.

Wireless routers signal boosters are a small electronic device that mounts on your wall and plugs into an outlet (no additional computer required). It takes the signal from your router and boosts it to reach further into the weak spots of your house. The benefit is that one unit will improve the coverage for every computer in your house, and there are no computer settings to change.

If you can’t decide if a booster or total upgrade is best for you, consider how much you use the internet right now, AND how much you plan on using it in the future. Do you ever watch HD movies online, or plan on video chatting with family? If you think you’ll ever need the faster internet speeds, a wireless upgrade is inevitable and you might as well not waste your money on a booster. However, if you only plan on checking news and email, a router booster will be the cheapest, hassle free solution.

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