Tips for Denture Implants Surgery

Do You Need Denture Implants

denture implantsDentures with implants are amongst the modern ways to lend stability to your teeth, especially when you have lost a lot of them. This allows you to get your full set of teeth back, albeit artificial. Nevertheless, it brings your confidence back and allows you to bite into eatables that you couldn’t imagine eating prior to getting the dentures. The whole purpose of the surgery is to extract the damaged teeth and in turn, replace them with artificial teeth, which function like real ones.

The popularity of this type of surgery is largely because the job is done far better than in case of bridgework and badly fitting dentures. Stability is the key and you wouldn’t want to be hassled way too often once you get your dentures. That is why these implants which are attached into the jaws are so important.

The implants act as support for the dentures and how they are attached depends on the procedure adopted. The first step which also gives the procedure the name called flap surgery involves in the dentist incising the soft tissue on the gum and drilling a hole into the jawbone. This needs expert precision as the holes are slowly widened to their final diameter depending on how big the teeth are. All the holes are drilled during this step and it depends on how many implants are required.

The denture implant surgery is often expensive if you need several implants as fixing each implant could cost as much as $1000. The procedure of drilling holes into the jawbone could take anywhere between an hour to several hours depending on how many implants you are getting. The artificial crown has to be created based on the impression of your gums and teeth. This crown would then be fixed into the mouth of the patient.

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