Do You Own a Citrus Juicer?

For a Healthy Diet a Citrus Juicer is Essential

Orange JuicerToday’s daily living, health must come first. Stress should be out of the picture all day long to keep ourselves in-step with our day to day activities. To address stress we need a strong immune system and so Vitamin C is the answer. When we talk of good sources of Vitamin C, nothing beats citrus fruits. Extracting citrus juice needs a better citrus juicer. The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer (Black and Chrome) is the citrus juicer you are looking for.

The above-mentioned citrus juicer has four essential parts, namely: the tube which serves as the entrance of the raw fruit to be juiced; the blade that breaks down the solid fruit; the output opening where the juice flows out; and the pulp collector. This design makes this citrus juicer simple and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it has a perfectly designed two-stage screen which allows it to produce more liquids than pulp and with no foam at all. This is simply what every citrus juice loving man is searching for.

The Omega J8006 citrus juicer produces more juice compared with other juicers which use large shoots and centrifugal force to separate the juice from the pulp. This device has smaller tube that allows it to produce 20% more juice compared to other juicer equipments. The pulp produced is completely dry. With this particular result, it allows the owner to have greater flexibility in maximizing its fruit juice processing by using the dried pulp into many other recipes or even using it as dog food. This means that Omega J8006 citrus juicer offers more liquids recovery and that makes it a wonderful citrus juicer. Its awesomeness in producing juice comes not only from making citrus juice but as well as with other fruits like strawberries, almonds and dates, cashews and amazingly carrots too.

Maintaining its parts comes with an ease. You’d be surprise that it will take no more than 5-minute and you’re done. Why because its parts are smaller hence they can be cleaned easily and hassle-free. After washing it, a fast-absorbing cloth can be used in drying it faster.

Potential users, the Omega J8006 citrus juicer offers the best for you. Starting from the health benefits you need, to its parts, design and maintenance, this citrus juicer is the perfect one for every citrus juice loving man. Why wait? Buy now and don’t be late!

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