Choosing a Snorkel Set

Everything You Need to Know About Snorkel Sets

snorkelThe snorkel set is a water sports accessory that is very common to both scuba divers and snorkelers.  In fact, you really can’t participate in either activity without this basic and essential set.  Although the snorkel set is very common, the term “snorkel set” doesn’t always mean the same thing to different companies that make them.  Some companies consider a snorkel set to be the combination of a dive mask, swim fins, and snorkel.  Still others consider it to be a dive mask and snorkel.

The processes and components that are used to make snorkel sets are very inexpensive and simple.  This is the reason why snorkel sets are so affordable.  The snorkel, as an example, is usually made from inexpensive plastic tubing that is bent to facilitate easy breathing while swimming through the water.  That’s about it.  There’s no need to complicate something that works so well.

The dive mask is the second part of a typical snorkel set and is also very inexpensive and simple.  Dive masks are made from tough plastic and are available in a wide variety of configurations and colors.  You can even get a dive mask with a special glare coating over the optics to cut down on glare.  Some people like this feature while others prefer clear optics.

The final component of the snorkel set is swim fins.  This is the component that some companies choose to leave out.  Some swim fins are made from a hard plastic while others are made from a hard rubber.  The plastic fins are usually the more affordable option while the rubber fins are generally considered to be more comfortable.  Unfortunately, this comfort comes at a price.  Rubber swim fins often retail for around $200 per pair.  Swim fins for kids are often found at your local big box store at very low prices as part of a kids snorkel set.

Before you go out and purchase any snorkel set, it’s a good idea to visit several different scuba shops to try on their swim fins and masks in person to make sure they fit.  After all, you will be using your snorkel set for many years into the future.

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