The Pros and Cons of Hiking Water Filters

Choosing Your Hiking Water Filter

hiking water filterAt first glance, you will not be able to appreciate hiking water filters especially if you are not an outdoor enthusiast. Although that may be the case, you would probably change your mind if you yourself have tried using it outdoors. You will come to realize that these kits are very useful in attaining access to clean drinking water. As you know, it is very difficult to carry a lot of water bottles when hiking in the mountains or in the woods because they can add to the weight of your load. Due to this reason, the best thing to do is to bring a water filter. However, every product has its own strengths and weaknesses and this product is no exception. Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of these filters.

Pros of Hiking Water Filters

The main advantage of hiking water filters is that they are very convenient. They lessen the burden of their users. Instead of them bringing many bottles of water to their trip, bringing one of these products would already be enough. They provide clean water supply without the need to carry a lot of things. This is because if you encounter a particular body of water, like a pond for example, you can get water from it and remove its contaminants with the help of the filter. Aside from that, filters are also very easy to use. They don’t have a lot of attachments in them and don’t have complicated processes. In addition, they are also lightweight and easy to carry in hiking backpacks which is why they are ideal for backpackers.

Cons of Hiking Water Filters

Although these filters have a lot of advantages to boast, they also have their downside. Some people said that these products are overly priced which is why they refuse to buy them. In addition, some users also complain about the bad taste that they give to water. Since they contain some chemicals, the taste of the water that they treat becomes altered. Moreover, there are also numerous types of filters and not all of them have small holes. Experts reveal that only filters with small pore size have the ability to trap water contaminants and bacteria. Due to this reason, the level of safety and protection that they provide are only limited.

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