The New iPhone 5

The Release of iPhone 5

iPhone 5If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, then you know that Apple is rumored to be prepping for the release of the new version of its ever-popular phone, the iPhone 5. Even though many people are excited about this rumor, some are arguing that this update is unwarranted due to the relatively recent release of the iPhone 4. Whether or not the update will be worth it is completely up in the air at this point, since the new version hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

Although precise details are unknown, there is a lot of speculation concerning the features and specifications of the new phone. Let’s start with the rumored iPhone 5 specs. One of the most recent rumors that has been circulating on the Internet is the introduction of curved glass to the phone. Although many rumors on the Internet, especially those concerning unofficially-announced Apple products, are baseless, this one is not; many are claiming that Apple has recently acquired approximately 300 glass-cutting machines that are specifically geared toward the production of curved glass for the new iPhone. This new design feature would make the device much easier to hold in your hand. It would also allow a front-facing camera to capture a better picture of your face.

As for the actual specifications of the screen, the most prevalent rumors indicate that the screen will range anywhere from 3.7 inches to 4.0 inches. It’s also rumored that Toshiba is manufacturing a true 720p-capable screen directly for the new iPhone, which is a marked improvement over the iPhone 4’s resolution. Although 720p resolution is a great upgrade, it may wreak havoc on your current applications, as they would need to be updated to support the new resolution, which might make the applications in the iPhone Store temporarily incompatible with the new iPhone. Once application developers know the iPhone 5 release date, however, they’ll be able to start making their apps compatible with the new resolution.

Another of the many iPhone 5 specs rumors is the inclusion of a dual-core processor, which would be a tremendous addition to the new device. A dual-core processor would enable the smartphone to handle multiple tasks without any detrimental effects on the phone’s speed. It would also allow more comprehensive applications to be developed for the platform. However, a processor upgrade also warrants other upgraded iPhone 5 features, such as a more powerful battery. Luckily, there’s another rumor circulating concerning a new battery that is reportedly able to hold a much longer charge than the iPhone 4’s battery.

The important thing to keep in mind is these are all rumors; while some of these reports have more credibility than others, none of them have been confirmed by Apple. This means that the real iPhone 5 features can meet, undershoot, or even exceed these rumors. If you want to support Apple and their new product, keep on hyping up the iPhone 5 by discussing it with friends on forums, blogs, and social networks. For now, save a space on your calendar and wait patiently for the iPhone 5 release date to be announced.

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