The Key Advantages of Solar Energy

Why We Should All Use Solar Energy

solar energyThe advantages of solar energy are way too numerous to really mention just in the one article, so let us focus on the few key ones. These are environmental, social and financial.

The environmental benefits

These are pretty much common knowledge, but I will recap the basics. By using a natural sustainable source of energy (the sun’s rays) and converting it to electrical power we can use in our homes and businesses we have something very special. We have a non polluting, sustainable and renewable source of energy which cause no harm to the environment. By reducing the reliance on the power grid which uses methods of energy creation which are harmful to the environment, we are saving those resources and slowing the pollution of the planet. That’s a good one.

The social benefits

By installing solar equipment at home or even making your own DIY solar panels you are being a role model for your family and your neighbourhood in general. I know it sounds a little kitsch, but it is true. My kids are proud as punch to see their old dad fiddling around with solar equipment – like panels, wiring, energy storage units. See, they learn all about energy, solar power and the environment at school – it’s like having a science experiment in the backyard, but also it is about teaching the kids to be socially and environmentally responsible. I see our job while we are on this planet to contribute in a positive way, to leave it in a better shape than it was when we got here – and I know I am doing my bit.

The financial benefits

Sure, it costs a little bit to get the equipment to start with, but you will save money forever. If you are really concerned about the setup costs and the government rebates are not enough for you, find some solar cells for sale and make your own solar panels. It is easier than you think – it really is, and the best thing is that you are on the road to continued savings thanks to the reduced load on your energy bills. Building your own magnetic generator is another way to possibly save even more money than with solar power though.

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