The Charm and Symbolism of Right Hand Diamond Rings

Right Hand Diamond Rings

right hand diamond ringIt used to be that a woman would not want anything more than a left hand ring – an engagement ring or wedding ring that would signify a lifelong commitment of love.  Nowadays, even single women can have a ring – on the right hand, that is. Right hand rings have become a craze for single women who want to flaunt their power, elegance and happy state of singlehood.   When compared to engagement and wedding rings, the right hand ring is definitely more ostentatious, with more diamonds and other stones flanking the ring.  The presence of so many diamonds to the ring is a bold statement showing anyone who’ll notice that a single woman has the means to give herself the highest levels of pampering.

Some years ago, the most popular item of jewelry was the cocktail ring.  With the high cost of these items and production costs, the popularity cocktail rings went on a nosedive, causing problems for diamond dealers who had a lot of cocktail rings.  They eventually re-made cocktail rings, producing a classier and more contemporary type of ring, the right hand ring.  Thus, shabby cocktail rings became a thing of the past.  These days, not only independent, fearless single women are known to buy right hand diamond rings.  Even engaged and married men also give right hand rings to their better halves, symbolizing respect for their women’s individuality.

New women of today could feel attached to the main idea of right hand rings.  Thus, these rings have become an instant best-seller with them. They have their stable careers and are financially sound and can therefore afford anything they would like to buy. One of a kind right hand diamond rings can be bought from jewelry stores that cater to women with contemporary and advanced tastes in jewelry. Women should be aware though that these rings are a very costly investment.  It is highly recommended that the reputation of the jeweler be checked first before any purchase would be made.  This goes the same for internet vendors who have authentic right hand diamond rings, as they may offer these rings in a more competitive price.

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