The Best Unisex Baby Bedding Sets for your Child

Best Unisex Baby Bedding

If you are planning your child’s nursery and you don’t yet know the gender of your baby, you can always shop for unisex stuff. You can always choose colors that go for both girls and boys. When it comes to bedding you have thousands of choices and you can always find unisex baby bedding sets that will work best when you don’t know the sex.

When selecting baby bedding you need to go for colors or features that are not specific to a gender. If you pick superman or batman bedding that won’t go for girls and if you pick Barbie bedding sets they will look silly if you have a boy. So make sure you selecting a character that is neutral, like Cat in the Hat and Winnie the Pooh. Here are the best unisex baby bedding sets:

Cat in the Hat Unisex Baby Bedding

This character is fit for both the genders and can be an excellent choice. The background of this set is black and white with the red, blue and green characters spread all over. It can be purchased for $180 at

Red Calliope Safari Kids Unisex Bedding

This bedding set is available at Wal-Mart for $45 and has pretty jungle friends like lions, elephants, ducks and tigers on them. It is multi-colored and very attractive. It has fitted sheets, quilt and pillow covers.

Carter’s Forest Friends Bedding

This is again an animal featuring bedding set that portrays cute owls, foxes and loads of trees just like the forest. The background is beige and the animals are spread all over it. You get fitted sheets, crib bumpers, comforter, pillow covers with this bedding set. At you can buy this bedding for $160.

Cocalo Couture Harlow Unisex Baby Bedding

This is one of the very decent bedding sets in the market. The design is very decent and plain olive green in color. However, the quality is so well that the price is somewhat high too. It costs around $225 at

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