The Best Times to Wear Cowboy Boots?

There is Always a Time and a Place for Cowboy Boots!

cowboy bootsIf you live in a state in the Midwest like me, you have probably realized that there are not many great times to wear your cowboy boots.  It isn’t really appropriate to wear them for everyday use like it would be if you lived in the Southwest.  However, I have found plenty of good times to wear your cowboy boots even if you live thousands of miles from the closest cowboy, so I will share my favorite times to wear them.

My favorite time to wear my cowboy boots is when I attend country concerts.  I have become a huge fan of country music the last five years or so;  some of my favorites are Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw.  I used to not own any cowboy boots, and when I would go to these concerts, I would look pretty out of place in my tennis shoes and polo shirts.  Now, I go all-out when I attend these concerts – cowboy boots, huge belt, and cowboy hat.  They are always such a fun time.

Another great time to wear cowboy boots is for barn dances and Western-themed parties.  I bought a pair of pink cowboy boots in college when I was going to a barn dance because I was trying to wear something outrageous.  Well, they were a success – everyone wanted to take pictures with the guy wearing the pink boots!  These dances and parties could be some of the most memorable moments of your life, so it pays to wear an outfit that is a little daring and outrageous.

I have been a cowboy twice for Halloween the past five years, so that is yet another situation to where your cowboy boots for.  If you are in need of a last minute costume, just throw on your cowboy boots, a giant belt, a white button-down shirt, a cowboy hat, and you are all set.  This is definitely my favorite costume because of the ease of it;  I don’t want to go out and spend $100 on something I am only going to wear once.

Those are the best times to wear cowboy boots if you live in areas of the country like I do.  I guess if you really want to be bold, you can wear your cowboy boots for everyday use as well.  I prefer to bring them out for special occasions, since they are unique and exciting.  If you want to read more about cowboy boots, be sure to check out for fashion tips and information.

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