When is The Best Time to go to The Maldives?

Planning Your Maldives Holiday

maldives beachIf you want to get the most out of your Maldives holidays, make a point to research on when is the best time to go to this tropical paradise. Going there when the weather is at its best ensures that you will be spending it under the sun as expected and not inside your villa looking out at the rain. On the other hand, if you want to have cheap holidays in the Maldives, you ought to know when the off peak season is.

There are only two seasons in the Maldives, the wet and the dry seasons. The latter season occurs during the months of December to April. This conveniently coincides with the winter season in Europe, giving sun-seeking Europeans a destination to fly off to during their cold months. Expect the prices to be high during these months, especially on the weeks where Christmas, New Year, and Easter happen.

As for the wet season, it starts in May and usually ends in November. In reality, it isn’t really wet every day of these months. It’s just that the chances of rains and strong winds are higher during these months. To attract tourists in this time of uncertain weather, resorts lower down their prices by half or even more. This is also the best time to come here if you don’t want to spend your holidays at a crowded resort.

If you plan to go surfing or diving during your Maldives holidays, there are certain months when you will enjoy these outdoor pursuits more. Surfers are advised to come here between March and October as these months have the best waves. Divers can actually come at any month but diving conditions differ in the various dive sites at certain months. If your trip is scheduled on the months of May to November, stay at a resort located at the western side of the archipelago. On the other hand, the eastern side has better visibility from December to April.

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