The Best Storage Auction Scores

Storage Auction Scores – Useful Advice

Storage Auction ScoresLet’s face it. People wouldn’t be so crazy about local storage auctions if some people weren’t finding big scores in repossessed storage lockers. The truth of the matter is that not every small or large delinquent storage locker is going to have a box stuffed full of gems in it, but some lucky bargain hunters have been quite surprised and thrilled to find valuable stamp collections, vintage coca-cola furniture or vending machines worth up to $40,000 or even gold and platinum wedding bands. The contents of these special storage lockers are so valuable that some of the best auction hunters are able to clear $17K in supplemental income in 6 months to 1 year just by attending local storage auctions on the side.

The fact of the matter is that even if you don’t find any extremely valuable single items in the repossessed storage lockers you’re buying up, you can still make money by buying low and refurbishing everything you find inside. The most dedicated storage auction buyers bring everything they find back home or to a workspace so they can start sorting through the goods and deciding what’s worth it to resell and what should be liquidated or given to charity.

The absolute best storage auction score I’ve seen had two worm drive skill saws, a safe, and several pieces of high value jewelry including wedding bands. The auction buyer paid $400 total for the entire unit and ended up selling everything inside for a total profit of $1200. This same storage auction buyer cleared $17K because he was dedicated to his craft, self-disciplined enough to process and resell everything he and his wife found inside their auction units. The take away message is that, while you might not be finding high value items inside of storage lockers with the same frequency you will see on the reality shows, you can still make money if you are dedicated enough to work through all the belongings you win.

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