The Best Sea Salts

Sea Salt – What You Need to Know

sea saltSalt is essential to us and essential to the earth.  It is found in many places and thank goodness, as it is a major component that contributed to life on earth as well as keeping us alive today.  We overlook this basic mineral and it’s importance.  So to pay tribute to salt here is a write up on 3 of the best sea salts out there.

Hawaiian Sea Salts – these are found in two different varieties black and red sea salt.  The black sea salt, which has a dramatic effect on culinary delights, is high in charcoal, which gives it the beautiful black color in addition detoxifying the body.  The red sea salt known as Alaea is known to be a delicious grounding and mellow flavored salt used in many traditional Hawaiian dishes that include pork and prime rib. Both these salts are super unique to their locations and will not disappoint the most discerning of chefs.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – This salt is another top pick due to it’s purity and high mineral content.  It is full of minerals…over 80… that the body can put to good use.  This salt is mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains and is regarded as a high vibration addition to any diet or any inviting bathtub.

Dead Sea salts – These salts are the most mineral rich salts out there.  They are collected from the Dead Sea, which is actually a lake between Jordan and Israel.  It is not inhabited by any life due to the incredibly high sodium and mineral mix.  Even though wild life doesn’t appreciate the atmosphere, for us it can work wonders.  Spas all around the work use Dead Sea salts to treat the skin and body.  By applying the salts in a Dead Sea salt scrub, a Dead Sea mudpack or a spa with Dead Sea salts the effects on the body are detoxification and mineral absorption.  Making this salt one of our top picks.

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