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network marketingAs the Network Marketing world has changed over the past few years, so has this website. The top ten best network marketing companies list has gone as we now feel that there is only one real choice for both newcomers and experienced network marketers.

The days of promoting things like health foods and more obscure things have all but gone, in our opinion. We are now well and truly in the information age and thus for MLM to survive as a relevant business model it needs to evolve too.

The one network marketing company that has continued to grow in recent years embraces the information age and has also moved with the times.

Global Domains International continues to make more people wealthy and successful in the world of network marketing than any other company.

Why is it so successful?

Well the products of Global Domains are websites, webhosting and domain names. They aren’t physical products and consequently are not restricted to your own country or by shipping rules or tax laws. There are over a billion people online at any one time, and they are all potential customers.

Your downline will include people from all walks of life and from far away countries. Everyone needs a presence on the internet, but not everyone will want to buy beef jerky or a health shake.

Global Domains is setup in such a way that it is truly risk free and open to anyone. During the time we have been in the mlm game, no other company has provided such an opportunity to so many people. The cost is only $10 per month but the possible income you can generate is endless.

The most prevalent feature of Global Domains for newcomers is that there isn’t really any selling involved. Once you are signed up you just advise people to watch the sales video which does the selling for you. It’s an amazing setup and one that anyone who can send an email can be part of. Getting new people in your downline is as easy as sending an email.

Watch the GDI video and see for yourself.

The list of benefits of Global Domains is endless. This isn’t a promotion for GDI and we don’t want this to sound like a sales page so we’re not going to say anymore except that it gets a “Two Tumbs Up” from us!

Learn more about the Global Domains network marketing opportunity.

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