The Best Kung Fu Movies

What Are Some of The Best Kung Fu Movies?

best kungfu movies

Kung fu movies are more popular now than they ever have been. It used to be that only the Chinese watched kung fu moves but now they have well and truly broken into the mainstream.

These day many kung fu movies are American made but the best kung fu movies will always be the ones coming out of China and Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee can be thanked for bringing martial arts and kungfu to the west, but since then kung fu stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Lii have really brought martial arts movies into the mainstream Hollywood market.

When it comes to the best kung fu movies though it really comes down to personal preference. Many people will like the traditional kung fu movies where the focus is on realistic fighting. Movies like Yip Man starring Donnie Yen really do showcase these traditional arts.

On the otherside of the fence are the over the top kung fu movies featuring flying heroes and lots of special effects. One of the most popular movies of this type is ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ which actually won an oscar. Another movie of this type is The House of Flying Daggers.

Whatever type of Kung Fu movies you like there are endless titles available for you to collect. In fact building a huge collection of kungfu movies whether on DVD, VHVS or Bluray is a very popular hobby for many collectors.

Amazon have both new and second hand kung fu movies at some really good prices. You can always find classics that you haven’t seen as well as brand new one that being released currently.


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